Location of church and parking
Swanton Morley is just over 3 miles away from Dereham and about 18 miles away from Norwich. The village is well sign posted off the A47 as well as off the Fakenham to Norwich Road (A1067). The church is located on Town Street (B1147) at the end of the village heading towards Bawdswell on the B1147, just past the village sign, opposite Rectory Road and the sign post for Robertson Barracks.
Postcode: NR20 4PB

There is plenty of parking to the south of the church, which is shared with the village bowls club next door. If you are a large party please let us know and we shall open the field up next to the church. Please take care when entering and leaving the car park as visibility is restricted due to the bend in the road.

Access to the ringing chamber:
The entrance to the tower staircase is to the left as you enter the church. The key holder, who will meet you there, will guide you. It is a difficult climb to the ringing chamber as the stairs are uneven and there is no handrail. The last few steps can be particularly difficult. Please take your time!

Ringing Chamber Layout:
The key holder will explain the set-up of the ringing chamber. The rope closest the staircase is the treble. The bells then hang in a clockwise direction with the tenor rope hanging the other side of the clock pendulum (under the wooden beam).

There are plenty of boxes available for ringers to use, which are stored under the chairs around the outside of the ringing chamber. We do ask that if you put a knot in the rope please remove it before you ring down. Similarly if you do adjust the length of a rope, please return it to the length you found it.

Sometimes the “squeak” from the ropes can result in it difficult in hearing the bells. If this is the case open the bell chamber staircase door. Access beyond this point is restricted.

The ringing chamber also has plenty of chairs and window seats for ringers to sit whilst the ringing is taking place. There is also ample room to stand in the tower. If it is a warm day, please feel free to open one of the access doors to the roof as well as to the bell chamber stair case. Access to the bell chamber and rooves are restricted.

Clock hammer:
The key holder should make sure that the clock hammer is off prior to your arrival, however if you are not shown up to the ringing chamber please check it is off before ringing the tenor up. The rope is located on the wall just under a yellow warning sign next to the tenor rope (which will have a similar warning sign on). Pull the loop of the clock rope over the bronze hook. Please release it again once the bells are lowered.

Tower Fees:
To help aid the up keep of the bells we ask for a small donation by all ringers who ring at the tower.
For visiting bands the fees are as follows:
General Ringing - £10
Quarter Peal Attempt - £10
Peal Attempt - £30

Emergency Procedure and Tower Safety:

All Saints Church is fitted with a smoke and fire detection system. In the event of the alarms sounding during your visit vacate the tower and church immediately. Exit the tower via the staircase, then exit the nave from the south door and the through the porch. The assembly point is the field to the south of the bowling green. Please make sure all you party is accounted for.
For safety reasons access to the nave and tower roof as well as the bell chamber is restricted. In the event of you requiring access to the bell chamber please speak to the key holder. We do ask that the group leader has a mobile phone on them at all times in case of emergency. In the event of a power cut, the church is fitted with emergency lighting. We do ask that all persons under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult at all times in the tower.
A first aid kit is available in the tower. It is located in the unit next to the door to the staircase.
A detailed copy of our Emergency Procedures and Tower Safety Rules are displayed in the Ringing Chamber.

Facilities and other information:
There is a toilet available inside the church. This is located in the north west corner of the church.
Any non-ringers, if they do not want to go up to the ringing chamber, may wish to take a look around the church and its grounds. There are a number of guides available recounting the history of All Saints in the church. They may also like to look at All Saints Commonwealth War Graves which were landscaped in 2013.
Alternatively they may wish to take a stroll along the Wensum Valley walk which is sign posted just outside of the south gate. This walk can be muddy after it has rained!
There are also two pubs in the village which both serve food. It may be advisable to book if you wish to have a meal.
Swanton Morley Bell Ringers
All Saints' Swanton Morley Bell Ringers, Swanton Morley, Norfolk