Have you got or do you know someone with a special occasion coming up?
Thinking of a different way to celebrate or mark the occasion?
Why not have the bells of All Saints Church rung by our team of ringers!

For hundreds of years the bells have been rung to mark important events in the life of the village and the church which serves it.

What type of occasion could the bells be rung for?
You could sponsor your ringing for various occasions:
A special birthday
A special anniversary
Birth or christening of a child
Anniversary of a loved one's passing
Plus many more.

What happens if I sponsor ringing?
If you sponsor some ringing at All Saints we will inform you of the time and date the bells will be rung.* If it is good weather you may want to sit in the churchyard looking out over the beautiful Wensum Valley or take the riverside walk with the bells ringing in the background. If the weather is not so good you can sit inside the magnificent nave of All Saints Church taking in many of its interesting features.

Once the bells have been rung you will be presented with a commemorative certificate to mark the ringing detailing the date, what was rung, the ringers who took part and the purpose of the ringing. The ringing will also be recorded in our tower records so that future generations can find out why the bells of All Saints were rung; published on our website and on our Facebook page.

How much does it cost?
There is a minimum donation of 20, however you can give a higher donation if you wish. All donations are put into our Tower Fund which will is used to help keep the bells of All Saints in an excellent condition as well as to purchase training aids to help teach people the art of bell ringing.

I'd like to sponsor ringing...what do I do now?
If you would like to sponsor ringing, please send an e-mail to Tower Captain Aaron Hall. Please include your name, telephone number and what the dedication the ringing is for and we will e-mail you back with details and when your ringing will take place.

Please note:
* Due to the availability of ringers and activities at the church the date and time of ringing will have to be agreed by the bell ringing team and the PCC of All Saints, although we will endeavour to ring as close to your special event as possible.
This does not apply to weddings. To have the bells rung for your wedding please contact the Parish Office.
Swanton Morley Bell Ringers
All Saints' Swanton Morley Bell Ringers, Swanton Morley, Norfolk