Saturday 9th February 2002
Quarter Peal of 1260 Plain Bob Minor
unable to read entry in tower record

Thursday 12th September 2002
Peal of 5040 Surprise Minor
( 1 extent of each London, Ipswich, York, Surfleet, Bourne, Cambridge, Norwich
1. Johnathon D. White
2. Peter Adcock
3. Doris R. Smith
4. Gordon L. Wilkison
5. Adrian C. Malthon
6. Richard I. Allton (c)
To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Association

Monday 21st April 2003
A Quarter Peal of 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1. Joanne Claxton
2. Johnathon D. White (c)
3. Sarah L. Seaman
4. Brian Laing
5. Geoff Edwards
6. Helen Watson
First quarter for Joanne Claxton and Helen Watson
Rung as part of quarter peal week

Saunday 6th July 2003
A Peal 5040 Plain Bob Minor
1.Sarah L. Seaman
2. Peter Adcock
3. Alice Longden
4. Peter Trent
5. Johnathon D. White
6. David F. Riley (c)
For Advent Sunday. First peal for Alice Longden. 17th birthday compliment to Alice

Sunday 8th July 2004
A Peal of 5040 Minor (Plain Bob, Kent T.B, Cambridge S, St Clements)
1. Peter Trent
2. Peter Adcock
3. Alice Longden
4. David R. McLean
5. R. R. Allcock
6. Graham R Hayward (c)
Rung in memor of Cedric Curson
Swanton Morley Bell Ringers
All Saints' Swanton Morley Bell Ringers, Swanton Morley, Norfolk