Officers of the All Saints Swanton Morley Bell Ringers

Each year the ringers elect officers to ensure the smooth running of the tower.  Each of these officers have a clear set of responsibilities they are to fulfil.

The types of officers, thier responsilibilties and the number of positions required has evolved over time as the band has evolved. The current tower structure was agreed by the band at the 2020 Annual General Meeting

Current Officers of All Saints Swanton Morley
Bell Ringers

Aaron Hall

| Tower Captain
| Ringing Teacher & Steeple Keeper
Aaron has the unenviable task of lead the ringers.

Aaron has been Tower Captain at All Saints since 2008. His practices are a relaxed affair with plenty of laughter and tears. Aaron is also one of our Ringing Teachers. Aaron's role as steeple keeper has resulted in arguably one of the cleanest bell chambers around!

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Simon Smith

| Ringing Master
| Ringing Teacher & Steeple Keeper
Simon is our oracle of ringing knowledge!

As well as bringing his vast ringing experience to the tower, Simon also ensures that ringing is kept to the highest standards (this is often done with one roll of the eyes). Under Aaron's watchful eye, Simon has also become one of our ringing teachers.
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Fiona Joisce

| Deputy Ringing Master
| Head of Refreshments & Milk Monitor
Fiona ensures you are awoken on a Sunday morning.

This is because Fiona arranges and runs the ringing on Sunday mornings. Fiona also steps in to run the practice when  either Aaron and Simon cannot. Most important of all Fiona  can be seen just before 8pm on a Friday making the teas and coffees!
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Ted Conyers

| Treasurer
| Father of the Tower
Ted is our Father of the Tower.

Ted became a Swanton Morley Bell Ringer back at the very start. As well as being the holder of this prestigious title, Ted is also our treasurer.
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For more details about the roles and responsbilities of the Tower Officers please take a look at our Officers Roles and Responsibilities Document  by clicking the download link right.

Past Officers of All Saints Swanton Morley
Bell Ringers

Tower Captains

Johnathan White                 1999 - 2008
Aaron Hall                             2008 - present

Ringing Master

Simon Smith                         2019 - present

Ringing Master

Fiona Joisce                        2020 - present

Deputy Tower Captain

Ted Conyers                         1999 -  2018
Sarah Seman                        2008 - DATE
Fiona Joisce                          Date - 2020

The office of deputy tower captain was retired in the 2020.