All Saints Swanton Morley
Bell Ringers

Educate Commemorate Celebrate

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. In fact it is so simple, we can summarise it in three words: Educate, Commemorate and Celebrate.

These three words provide the foundation to everything the ringers of All Saints Church do. From our focus on training new ringers to ringing the bells for national and local events, even down to our augmentation appeal.

In our Constitution we have set out nine objectives we aim to meet so we can fulfil our mission to educate, commemorate and celebrate.

to ensure that the art of change ringing at All Saints continues and thrives by
• Recruiting and training new ringers.

• Continuing to advance the quality and complexity of ringing at All Saints Church and St Mary Magdalene Beetley.

• Encouraging members of the public to visit the All Saints’ tower and learn about the history of ringing both generally and at All Saints.


events both local, national and international by
• Ringing for secular occasions of importance such as a royal death, Remembrance, a global disaster or period of National Mourning.

• Ringing to commemorate the lives of members of the local community.

• Other events as advised by the Dereham and District Team Ministry.


events both local, national and international by
• Ringing regularly for Sunday Services and all major Christian Festivals.

• Ringing for weddings.

• Ringing for secular occasions such as significant royal events, national celebrations, New Year and village festivities.

• Ringing at the request of local institutions and organisations.

Our Vision:

We hope that this mission will help us to achieve our vision which is to see All Saints become a centre for learning, encouraging people to take up the art of ringing so that the bells of All Saints continue to ring out for future generations.

More important than that we want the bells of All Saints to become the soundtrack to life in Swanton Morley. To join in with times of celebrations as well as provide moments for quiet reflection and commemoration.