Current and Historic Members of the Swanton Morley Bell Ringers

From its reformation back in 2000, a member of the Swanton Morley Bell Ringers was someone who was listed under the tower in the Norwich Diocese Assocaition of Ringers' Annual Report. 

The ringers felt this did not fit with the ethos of inclusitivity the tower promotes and did not reflect the contribution of those registered at other towers gave to the band. As a result, at the 2020 Annual General Meeting the ringers votes to adopt The All Saints Swanton Morley Bell Ringer's Consitituation in which it set out anyone who rang regularly or wanted to learn to ring could become a memebr of the band.

The same meeting also saw the creation of Honorary Membership which could be awarded to those who had contributed and supported the tower but could either no longer ring of were not ringers.

The table below is still being collated.

Current Members

Aaron Hall
Ted Conyers
Fiona Joice
Heidi Isbill
Janet Pender-Cudlip
Michael Pender-Cudlip
Lindy Sheridan
Simon Smith
Helen Watson
Chris Welling
Sarah Welling
Ian Winterbone
Mark Yoxen

Honorary Members


Past Members

Mark Tweddie
Jonathon White

In Memoriam

Jack Edwards
David Fowler
Alfred Hyde