In order to achieve these aims, the project has been broken into three separate aspects that shall run along side each other.

1. The augmentation of the tower from a ring of six to a ring of eight, including the casting of the Centenary Memorial
2. The installation of state of the art teaching resources
3. The alteration and refurbishment  of the ringing chamber

Aspect One - Augmentation and the Centenary Memorial Bell
The centre piece of the Centenary Memorial Bell Appeal, is the augmentation of All Saints from the current ring of six to a ring of eight by the addition of two new lighter treble bells.

One of these new bells will become the “Centenary Memorial Bell”. One half of the bell will bear inscriptions to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, whilst the other half will bear inscriptions to commemorate the centenary of the formation of the RAF.

Taylors of Loughborough, who completed the 2000 augmentation and restoration project, have provided us a quote of £35,000 to complete the associated work which includes:
The casting of two new lighter treble bells
A new iron frame to house the two new bells
Fixtures associated with the new bells (including ropes)
A replacement wheel for the current bell number 1
Bell hanging costs, including labour, transport and accommodation

Aspect Two - Education
There is no point having bells if there is no one there to ring them. 

Whilst the national trend for ringing seems to be in decline, Swanton Morley for a number of years has bucked this trend. It has developed a reputation within the benefice and beyond as an excellent teaching tower as well as a friendly and welcoming place. This augmentation will allow us to further develop the teaching and learning which goes on. There is currently a need within Norfolk for a ring of eight which are easy to ring. Many eight bell towers are either two heavy or in poor condition to allow for learners to experience eight bell ringing.

To further support the teaching of bell ringing, the ringers are proposing to install state of the art training equipment in the tower. This will include:
a wireless simulator
sound system for use with simulator
projection system
range of ringing books and resources
CCTV within the belfry to view the bells as they ring

These additions to the tower will not only support the teaching of those already ringing, but can be used to teach those who wish to learn to ring.

With the more money we raise above our target the more training equipment we will be able to invest in and install in the tower.

It will also allow the tower to be used by other groups of ringers for training purposes, whilst not increasing the amount of ringing heard outside of the tower.

Aspect Three - Ringing Chamber Refurbishment
The above two aspects will require some changes in the set up of the ringing chamber. This will allow us to create a much more comfortable environment for those learning to ring.
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Centenary Memorial Bell Appeal
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